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Amanda Coward

Amanda Coward


I grew up in Alaska wild and free in a little fishing town on the Copper River. This is where I learned I had to be creative and reliant on myself to meet my goals. I have a deep love and appreciation for the art of photography. I have learned to study every detail that is in the frame so that I can capture the perfect moment without distractions. This helps my clients as I am able to create the content that they would like to showcase their business. Content creation and website design go hand in hand. I am able to see a vision that a business owner has for their own business and create exactly what they want from the questionnaire I have developed. This gives me the ability to customize every project to fit the needs of the company/person so that they don’t just have a generic page but a custom place for their consumers to go that works in their best interests and fits all of their specific needs.

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