Everyone is online these days and if your business is not you are having many customers passing you by who are running into the online arms of your competitors. When you have quality work you want to show it in a quality way. Professional photographers know the way to highlight your products and company in ways that you wouldn’t know is even possible. If you are looking for a professional high-quality website for your company you will want photos that will complement the design. Have your website designer and photographer work together to be able to complement one another’s design styles. If you have that out of focus out of balance photo with the ugly thing in the background that was shot in a low-quality jpg your designer can’t do anything to edit that photo or even make it work for the design of your website. Taking a shaky quick snap of your work will not do any justice for your business when it comes to showing off how great your work is and why your potential customers should choose you. As a photographer, I have been trained to notice things that others do not. If there is an ugly item in the frame that is going to catch my eye I remove it. If something needs to be the main feature I get to the level of that item and make it the main focus of my photos. I blur the background with the settings of my full-frame professional camera so that the eye goes to the subject and not to the background details. Photographers spend a LOT of money on their gear and a lot of time learning and perfecting their trade.

What can a professional photographer offer me you ask?

1)Professional gear, full-frame cameras, high-quality lenses, lighting, backdrops, shooting in RAW format, and more.

2) Computers with proper editing software such as Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop etc. Also training to use these software programs.

3) Setting the photo, if this is posing a person, setting up items, or staging for real estate this is all very important and needs a skilled professional with a keen eye and a lot of experience to do this. This is especially important because lighting has to be perfect for the shot to look right.

These are just a few of the things that photographers have to do so that you can have a quality record of your work to show to your potential customers. In short NO your photos are not good enough for a website unless you are a photographer! But I will say that your photos are great for social media so keep taking them and posting them daily!

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