SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

What is SEO? I’m glad you asked. SEO is a way for everyone to find content online. Just because you have a website does not mean everyone is just going to magically find you. SEO is relevant keywords, external links, search engine indexing, more content being created on a regular basis, etc. All of these things bring your search engine ratings up and put your website on the map.


Why would I need a blog? Well, blogs are articles that give you a voice. This gives you a chance to put out keywords that people search for to in your industry so consumers can find you. This drives traffic to your site. With great content, you are able to have a large number of people seeing and consuming your blog posts. Blogs are a launching point for rich social media content so you have something to post about on a daily basis.


Why should I write the blog? This humanizes your brand this gives your customers a way to get to know you and what you represent. This allows your customers to “put a face with the name” so to speak. Your customers can easily feel as though they know you and your brand and feel comfortable with using your business. When writing blog articles about what you know then you become the industry expert in the field. Your competitor might know more than you but they aren’t the ones blogging it for the world to see. When you show who you are people want to follow.

Social Media

Having an online presence on social media is an important part of blogging. You are easily able to write your blog articles on WordPress and when you’re done hit “post” they will post directly to your blog, and all of your linked social media accounts as well. This makes all of your content easily sharable among your followers, customers, family, and friends to all of the people that are in their network as well. 


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